Rock Life Studios specializes in capturing our client’s wedding day creative and style. RLS strives to tell the story of each couple in a beautiful handcrafted wedding films. Quality is the most important part of our films for our customers so we limit the amount of weddings we book each year to be able to give a personal touch to each client. 

Jon Santos is an accomplished musician, photographer and award-winning cinematographer passionate about capturing breathtaking images.  His passion for film can be seen in every one of his videos,  Jon uses many techniques and real motion picture gear like true professional cinema camera, steady cams and cranes to capture your memories. You will look back each year at your wedding film and fall in love all over again as you relive every amazing moment. Jon also has been recognized for his work in the recording industry as a major label recording artist earning him self a gold album from music on The Punisher movie sound track. He has also been heard on Movie sound tracks The Punisher & Wes Craven's Cursed also video game sound tracks MVP Baseball 2004 and Nascar Thunder 2005.

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Fallzone Seven Wiser Jon Santos
2010 - present
2010 - present