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Jon Santos. Born in Queens New York. Jon started in the arts at a very young age. It all started with a piano and a pencil. Jon can not read or write music but before he was in his teens was playing classical music mostly by ear and asking his dad things he couldn't figure out. When he was not playing piano he was off with a pencil and pad drawing comic book characters and landscapes. In the early years of high school he started to lean on photography more as the start of digital cameras hit the market. Taking photos of animals at the zoo and friends he started his first steps in to building his future. Jon's first love is music and for many years he did very well in that business. He got his first record deal with a small indie label from long island. A few years after Jon got signed to major record label Wind Up Records.



With the recording industry falling apart in the early 2000's Jon invested a lot of his record money in to his next business. A small production studio in Whitestone Queens. for 6 years he produced great local bands and solo artist and a few lager recording projects, music videos and web shows. During all these years he worked side jobs for many photographers and video companies learning the business of events. 


"It is a true passion of mine to creat the best piece of art I can in a short 10 hour day. I want my clients to have a fun wedding, feel like super stars, laugh and even creat funny moments together. It's important that I educate my clients on my product and what my brand will offer them"


Over the course of 15 years, Jon has photographed, filmed, edited and processed well over 600 weddings. Jon kicked off Rock Life Studios in early 2012 and with each passing year has expanding the company and his crew.  My team and I look forward to hearing from you and congratulations are you upcoming wedding!

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Rock Life Studios is a New Jersey, New York bases professional wedding videography production company. Jon Santos has been part of the events, wedding and entertain business for over 15 years. Rock Life Studios produces high end wedding videos for the NJ, NY, PA and Destination weddings. From beach weddings, rustic weddings to Modern wedding and destination wedding Rock Life Studios has some of the most beautiful wedding cinematography and New Jersey based and New York Native cinematographer Jon Santos.  


2010 - present
2010 - present