Rock Life Studios specializes in capturing our client’s wedding day creatively and cinematic. RLS strives to tell the story of each couple in a beautiful handcrafted wedding films. Quality is the most important part of our films for our customers so we limit the amount of weddings we book each year to be able to give a personal touch to each client.

Unlike many of the low-cost point and shoot companies or the photographers that ad on video in their package with new, unexperienced shooters behind a low-end point and shoot DSLR camera that you and most of your friends can own from Best Buy. We use a high-end, real cinema camera as the main work horse and top of the line DSLR cameras and lenses.come.

Every wedding is different, every crowd is different and every couple is different, but no matter, my goal is to create a beautiful short cinematic film of your wedding day. With that comes time, planning and some of the best modern gear on the market today. My team and I use equipment like steady cams, Cranes, aerial drones and sliders combined with years of experience and an artistic eye.

Filming is not a job for me. It’s truly one of my most favorite things to do and I’m lucky I can make a living with it. They always say, Do what you love to do and you never really work a day in your life. Music, Photo and film have been my true calling in life and I have focused every part of my self from the early age of 5 on nothing but the art behind it all. It’s a true passion.

Much of my feel comes right off the Hollywood screen. Every film I see I ask myself is there a way to do something like that in my films, how can I do that fast and cost-effective. I’m always growing and after the next thing to introduce in to my films.

Capturing not only my couple, but the environment and feel of the location that they have worked so hard to plan for months or and even years is what will truly make a long-lasting, touching, emotional movie that you can sit back and relive on every anniversary to come.

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Fallzone Seven Wiser Jon Santos
2010 - present
2010 - present