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Relive your wedding day in a beautiful HD movie. With over 18 years of events and wedding business. We specialize in making wedding films. a piece of work that you will love to watch for a life time. Rock Life Studios Stays on top of technology as the digital age has come so far over the past 10 years. We are filming with some of the best Cinema cameras in the pro market.With limiting the amount of wedding we book a year to only about 40, your project gets our personal touch and taking pride in each and every film and products we put out. After your day is over, it's just begins for post production where your days footage is crafted in to a beautiful film. Your Blu Rays or DVDs will be delivered to you in our custom design cases. Jon Santos is an accomplished photographer and award-winning cinematographer passionate about capturing breathtaking images. He has worked with countless couples to create images that reflect their own unique style. Jon states “Couples no longer want their parents pictures. They are looking for images that tell their unique story and that are personal to them. I try to constantly push the limits of these art forms and provide each client with an exceptional overall experience. I love film in so many ways and I want each couple to walk away with a one of a kind, personal romance film”Jon also has also been recognized for his work in the recording industry as a major label recording artist earning him self a gold album from music on The Punisher movie sound track. He has also been heard on Movie sound tracks The Punisher & Wes Craven's Cursed also video game sound tracks MVP Baseball 2004 and Nascar Thunder 2005.

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2010 - present