From early on, Jon Santos has had such love for the creative world. Music, drawing, painting, photography and cinematography. Following his love of music first he landed a record deal in 2003 with on of the biggest rock labels at that time, Wind Up Records, and released his first album that hit #37 on the rock charts and had featured music on movie sound tracks and video games. After leaving the music industry in 2005, Jon put all his focus on photography and cinematography. His love for filming over the years finally led him to capturing memories and love stories for couples.

Since 2007, Jon Santos has pushed the creative limits of wedding cinematography, creating some of the most beautifully crafted wedding films on levels of a Hollywood style production. Jon founded Rock Life Studios brand in 2012 when he put a full time focus on this cinematic vision of wedding film making to give couples an unparalleled look in to one of the most amazing days of their lives.

Our artistry means the world to us here at RLS and in turn, each of our clients are so important to us. We do not pump out 200-300 weddings a year like many of the others do. We focus on around 30 magical weddings per year so we can give every film the personal touch it needs. We have focused on creating a higher end film company, but with today’s changing market, couples want their creative team to be from one location so that their creative vision of Video and Photography are one unit working together rather than against each other.