1. Panasonic KWN 2018 Contest Winners

    It was a 4 day adventure. An adventure that I sure won't forget and I know not one of these kids will ever forget. Panasonic Winners of the Kid Witness News 2018 got flown in from all over the country, New Jersey to Hawaii for an amazing 4 days on the town in New Jersey and NYC. From the welcome din…Read More

  2. The Brick Bulldogs Soccer Team

    Bulldogs April 14th 2018

    BULLDOGS - April 14th Tournament FIRST PLACE WINNERS It was one of those perfect 75 degree spring days on the soccer field. Parents yelling and cheering on the kid and kids looking at parents like "why are you so loud!"  There was some tree climbing, chip eating, donut eating, coffee drink moments.…Read More

  3. Whats in your box? Sony 70-200GM

    As many know, I have been 100% a Canon lover all these years since the Canon 20D. I, as many of us have tried to stay loyal to our favorite brand it has simply become to hard to stay with a company that has fallen behind the times and not giving us what we need in just a competitive market as today.…Read More

  4. Alessia Victory Baptism

    It's always and honor to be asked back from one of my couples to film and photograph another huge life moment. There will be many firsts and moments to come but to some of these will be the first. Alessia's journey is just about to take off and I'm so happy I was here to document one of the first m…Read More

  5. Cinematic test footage with DJI Mavic Air

    I came out to the beach to give the New Mavic Air a full cinematic test. The results are beautiful for something that can fit in your pocket. It holds up very well in higher wind but you will get wind warning a lot. This works off wifi connection and that was something I wasn't sure about. I didn't …Read More

  6. First Look with DJI MAVIC AIR

    Testing out the New DJI Mavic Air. This was my first run with the DJI Mavic Air. I was having some problems out of the box with out of date firmware, the app not working right and the remote not responding. But as I found out, every day DJI was pushing out new updates. After I installed all the upda…Read More

  7. Destination Dominican Republic.

    Destination weddings can be tricky sometime. Why? well, it's not local, so much gear has to be shipping out, days away from the office and budget. On the other hand they are some of the most amazing weddings to film and be part. Yanique & Sam wedding was held at Casa Kimball. A exclusive and pr…Read More


    MUSIC SELECTION AND LICENSING This is one of the most asked questions and the simple answer is no, you can not pick your music for the videos but, thats not the whole story. Understanding why is important.  Music selection for our cinematic films must be licensed for its legal usage. We use music …Read More