I came out to the beach to give the New Mavic Air a full cinematic test. The results are beautiful for something that can fit in your pocket. It holds up very well in higher wind but you will get wind warning a lot. This works off wifi connection and that was something I wasn’t sure about. I didn’t have much faith in it how ever, surprisingly enough it works darn well.

Truth is this is an exciting time for us. We are seeing the starting point of the next generation of tech. Just like old, heavy, 4:3, tube TV was the start of the life of 60inch ultra thin affordable flat tv, this it that start. Few years back we had the first DJI, we needed go pros, then 3 axis gimbals, video feed was shit 90% of the time and stored in a really big tank or back packs. Today, look at this little guy. You almost cant not be impressed. They fit in your pocket and use your thin iPhone that you already have on you as your video feed. Even if this is not for you, come on, you have to think, its rather amazing.