This is one of the most asked questions and the simple answer is no, you can not pick your music for the videos but, thats not the whole story.

Understanding why is important. 

Music selection for our cinematic films must be licensed for its legal usage. We use music licensing websites with great selections of cinematic music to help drive the emotion and story of the film. Music is everything. It’s the base and driving force of every movie and tv show. As the production team and editors, we need the freedom of selection to produce the films you have loved on our website.

We do not use any kind of pop music and also lean away from music with lyrics so we can use voice overs and live sounds or reactions from your day with out Celine Dion  singing over the story, voice overs and other moments. Cinema sound tracks are about the ups and down of music or even at times the lack of music to tell a full and emotional story of your day.

Most pop music (radio music) cost thousands of dollars to get the rights to use in a production. Yes even in a wedding video. It is illegal to get music from iTunes and put it in your videos. Online site such as, Youtube, Vimeo, facebook and so on, scan the videos for music. Copyright claims can be made against your video and the company or personal accounts with out the proper licensing of songs and the video could be blocked and our channel could be suspended. Vimeo and YouTube have been deleting business accounts and at times sending companies fines.  Hey, you may have had a video blocked in the past and didn’t understand why. It may have been because of the music. Facebook has blocked some of my personal videos just because if picked up the song on the radio in the background.

The only songs we will use are in our long form video, our 60min documentaries are 3 songs that are used from the live sound (incidental music) of what was recorded from our cameras. These songs are Your First Dance and Parent Dances. This is where a gray area falls as this is a live event and it was the “incidental music” in the background.  These long form videos are not posted to social media in anyway and are only included in your final presentation on a more private digital streaming service. This does not mean that at some point these services will not include new technology to find these kind of incidental music in the backgrounds of videos and flag our site but its the best thing we have on the market today.

All music information as far as licensing is included in our contract.


As a former professional label recording artist, music means the world to me. As a cinematic story telling, music drives me and inspires me to create.

Just for a fun sample, Take a look at how music can change a video and editing style. 

The Cinematic Teaser

The Epic Teaser