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Prep is everything!


My goal is to deliver you the highest quality images and videos that I can. Keep in mind that I can only deliver an image as good as the rooms and property look. Prep is everything!! All homes should always be camera ready long before I show up at the location.   The best way to ensure that your photos and videos turn out their best, I have put together a basic checklist to look over so that everything is staged and prepped for our shoot.

Tip 1: Clean and get rid of clutter. Staging your property is key! Try to have this all finished a day before your shoot. I may move around a few things as I shoot to improve the image but everything should be ready beforehand. All clutter can be stored in the garage if needed. 


Tip 2: If possible, change out all the lighting to DAYLIGHT BALANCED bulbs. This will improve the color and brightness of your image. The average home has yellow warm lighting and we can work with that but it will be much better to have the best balance in color in camera before we even start to try to fix that in post. 

Tip 3: Pets and pet stuff. Remove all pet toys, food, and water bowls. As much as I LOVE pets, Plan to have them out of the house for the duration of the shoot. Shoots can range from 1 - 4 hours depending on the size of the property. Having to move pets and all their things from room to room will extend the time of the shoot. 

Tip 4: It's best to plan on being away from the property or in a location that will not be seen during photo and video. With video moving around the home or multiple lights being set up, we don't want anyone to get caught in the background or causing shadows in a shot and have that image ruined because we can't remove you or shadows that have been cast.


Tip 5: Outside. make sure cars are not in the driveway. Make sure trash cans are hidden away in the garage. Make sure all hoses are tucked away. If you have a dog, please pick up after them so the yard is completely clean. Remove any pet or kid toys in the back yard that are just sitting around. Clean and vacuum Pools and hot tubs. Remove FOR SALE SIGNS. Basic landscaping such as cut the lawn the day before the shoot. In the Fall, clean up all the leaves. Clean up deck and patio area and make sure BBQ and furniture.


Tip 6: Twilight shoots. These shoots have to be done very fast as we only have a small window of time to photograph in. Please make sure all outdoor lighting is working the day before. Change out any flickering or blown out lights. Make sure every light in the home is turned on. Turn on any back yard mood lighting such as tiki torches, pool lights, hot tub lights, fire pit, Edison lights, and so on.


Tip 7: Bathrooms and Kitchens. The kitchen countertops should be clean & clear of all food. Hide trash cans in the closet. A few basic staging items are fine but try to keep everything as clean and decluttered as possible. In the bathrooms, remove everything and clean up the sink area. hide away all soaps, shampoo, shavers, toothbrushes and toothpaste. and put that lid down! 


Tip 8: Bedrooms and Livingrooms. Remove all toys, shoes, and photos that you do not want to be seen. Hideaway remote controls and try to hide all wires and modems that may be visible. Open up all the blinds that may have a great view!  Sometimes it's that view you are selling! 

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